Azure Marketplace. Don't place text on the logo, not even your company or brand name. The requirements depend on the product at the core of your offer. If the primary product of your consulting service is Azure, the offer will be listed in Azure Marketplace. Our tool provides a report on potential cost savings, security gaps and ways to optimize your cloud infrastructure. Training. For this volume, 81 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. Include a detailed daily, weekly, or monthly agenda depending on the duration of your offer. Web app. Whether you’re looking to specialize in one function or span a range of functions, there exists tremendous opportunity for partners in the Azure managed services business. WE ARE Microsoft Gold Partners "TwoConnect builds modern, integrated software and data solutions on Microsoft Azure. For information about HTML formatting, see HTML tags supported in the commercial marketplace offer descriptions. The official Microsoft Dynamics Partner community to interact with other partners, get help from Microsoft, and read blogs and how-to articles. Consulting. We are excited to announce that Azure customers can now easily maximize the potential of the intelligent cloud through newly released Azure Marketplace Consulting Services offerings. Our partners create and manage offers in Partner Center, and customers can discover and buy solutions through in-product experiences, such as Microsoft AppSource, Azure Marketplace, resellers in the Cloud Solution Provider program, and our sales teams through the co-sell program. In the left-navigation menu, select Commercial Marketplace > Overview. ... Access to a full range of support offerings, from DIY tools for migration and management to end-to-end consulting and managed services . If the primary product is not Azure, the offer will be listed in AppSource. You can also provide supporting documents in a language that's different from the one used in the offer listing details. Search. The small logo appears in Azure Marketplace search results or on the AppSource main page and search results page. Don’t include your company name unless it’s also the product name. If the price of your offer is estimated, explain what variables will determine the final price. For example, they could be white papers or brochures. Additional sales opportunities. For more information, see Microsoft Partner Network Competencies. It shouldn’t be identical to the title. This is what customers will see when they discover your offer in AppSource or Azure Marketplace. This summary is used in the commercial marketplace listing search results. Dynamics 365 You can publish AppSource offers that build on or extend Dynamics 365 Business Central, Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, Power Apps, and Finance and Operations apps. The service duration must be made explicit in the offer listing. You must connect your offer to your customer relationship management (CRM) system to collect customer information. Analytics. The complete list of eligibility requirements for each primary product is in the certification policies for consulting services. Search. Search. Apps Consulting Services Hire an expert. The newly launched Consulting Service Offers on Azure Marketplace and AppSource acts as a launchpad for partners like you to learn, grow your business, and gain access to new customers. Solution areas (Azure Marketplace) / Products (AppSource). When you create your consulting service offer in Partner Center, you’ll enter text, images, documents, and other offer details. Critical skill-building and certification. The required format is Name: Duration + type. More. To learn more about the differences between AppSource and Azure Marketplace, see Commercial marketplace online stores. More. Marketplace media – screenshots: Add at least one and up to five images that demonstrate your offer. Microsoft Digital Advisors assist organizations on their journeys to put continuous innovation into practice while delivering stakeholder value through the best use of Microsoft's platform and ecosystem Search from a rich catalog of more than 17,000 certified apps and services, deploy seamlessly, and simplify billing with a single bill for all Microsoft and third-party solutions. Consulting services are virtual or in-person customer engagements that support and extend the customers’ use of Microsoft products. All images must be 1280 x 720 pixels in size and in .PNG format. See the following example: If you’ll deliver your service in a language other than English, the offer listing can be in that language, but the description must begin or end with the English phrase “This service is available in ”. Azure Marketplace consulting services are professional service offerings that help customers get started with or accelerate the use of Azure. Financial platforms and services are increasingly able to integrate with every facet of an individual’s life. In Azure Data Studio, you can run those right in the Azure Data Studio environment – and you can run several of them. You choose the scope, duration, and pricing structure (fixed-price or free) of your service. Read More. Consulting service offers are published as Contact me listings. Explain what deliverable the customer can expect. You can enter up to 2,000 characters of text in this box, including HTML tags and spaces. Microsoft is radically simplifying cloud dev and ops in first-of-its-kind Azure Preview portal at Microland will conduct a 2-hour briefing on our Azure IoT-based Remote Industrial Monitoring service offering. Find the consulting services for your platforms: PowerBI, Dynamics, Web Apps. Customer needs or issues that the offer addresses. To demonstrate to customers your expertise in a field, you must meet a set of eligibility requirements before publishing a consulting service offer. Contact information: in Partner Center, you’ll be asked to provide name, email address, and phone number of two people in your company (you can be one of the two contacts). Search keywords (optional): Provide up to three search keywords that customers can use to find your offer in the online stores. About Microsoft support and consulting services. To help create your offer more easily, prepare some of these items ahead of time. This includes listings for consulting and managed services. The videos must be hosted on YouTube or Vimeo and have a thumbnail (1280 x 720 PNG file). Dropbox Business is more than just secure file storage - it’s a smart workspace where teams, tools, and content come together. The Reduced Marketplace Service Fee also applies to Azure IP Co-sell incentivized VMs, Managed Apps, and any other qualified transactable IaaS offers made available through the commercial marketplace. Find the consulting services for your platforms: PowerBI, Dynamics, Web Apps. Setting up your environment Crayon Cloud Governance Implementation will deploy Cloud Governance managed services to control, optimize, and forecast cloud spend. Partner Center will use it to create a small logo. Become a digital business with the help of Professional Services. This means that customers will contact you directly from the information you provide in your listing. TwoConnect builds modern, integrated software and data solutions. The large logo appears on your offer listing page in Azure Marketplace or AppSource. You don't need to include the offer Name and Description. Limit the number of primary and secondary colors on your logo. The customer will be asked for permission to share their information. Each consulting service offer should focus on a Microsoft product, called primary product. On AKS Handles a range of tasks, including Azure Active Directory integration, connections to monitoring services and configuring advanced networking features, such as HTTP application routing. EPC Group provides round-the-clock Microsoft Azure consulting services for companies with critical business solutions looking to utilize the power of Microsoft Azure and Cloud-Native capabilities. It describes the prerequisites for a consulting service, and the assets you’ll need when you create the offer with Partner Center. With AKS help in simplifying the deployment and operations of Kubernetes. Azure Marketplace. Duration: your consulting service offer must have a predetermined duration of up to 10 weeks. Marketplace media – logos: Provide a PNG file for the large-size logo. Free Cloud Assessment. We'll help your organization save time and money in the cloud with Microsoft’s Azure platform and productivity solutions. Sell Blog. Description: This description will be displayed in the commercial marketplace listing. Microsoft Consulting Services digital advisors, engineers, consultants, and support professionals help you implement and adopt Microsoft products, services, software, and devices to solve, envision, and understand new possibilities for your business. Get solutions tailored to your industry that work with the products you already use. Clearly describe the value of your offer in the first few sentences, including: The type of user who benefits from the offer. Avoid gradients in the logo or background. AppSource. More. For detailed guidance, see Customer leads from your commercial marketplace offer. AppSource. Purchase Navisite's DBaaS on the Azure marketplace and get started today on your journey to the cloud. Include a detailed agenda for implementations longer than a day, and describe what engineering changes, technical artifacts, or other artifacts a customer can expect as outcomes of the engagement. The commercial marketplace connects business and government agencies with solutions built by our partners. Now every person in every organization can unlock critical insights. On the Overview tab, select + New offer > Consulting service. The Azure design has a simple color palette. Accelerate the pace of development at your organization with thousands of certified apps tailored to meet your needs. Azure Marketplace. Search Marketplace. AppSource. Large (from 216 x 216 to 350 x 350 px, required). Set Conditional Access policies based on the user, device, location and more to determine whether access to Dropbox Business should be allowed, limited or blocked. If the primary product of your consulting service is Azure, the offer will be listed in Azure Marketplace. By L&T Technology Services. Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace and AppSource is the premier place to find, try, and buy trusted cloud solutions. Apps. You can have PowerShell and CMD running, or even the Azure Command-line interface (CLI) shell in the terminal where you can run a quick command. More. With SSAS and SSRS VM images now available, it might also be a great … Advanced data & analytics Bring your data to life and empower your team to make data-driven decisions with Microsoft Power BI. You can add or modify a CRM connection at any time during or after offer creation. Sign in to Partner Center. The session will include interactive demos designed to showcase the service capabilities of Microland to monitor the health of remote industrial assets, detect anomalies, and predict potential degradation, providing a seamless interface to global operators and management. Find the right app for your business needs. Marketplace media – videos (optional): you can add up to four videos that demonstrate your offer. These businesses have lost a … Each consulting service offer should focus on a Microsoft product, called primary product. Include a detailed agenda for assessments longer than a day, and articulate what deliverable the customer can expect. We'll use this information to communicate with you about your offer. We will re-architect monolithic applications as microservices to leverage the full potential of Azure’s container and services. App Modernization | Data Platform | Migration, App Modernization | Networking | Security, App Modernization | Datacenter Management | Identity, Analytics | AI + Machine Learning | Big Data, Datacenter Management | Migration | Security, App Modernization | Data Platform | DevOps, Datacenter Management | Migration | Storage, By TwoConnect - App Modernization & Azure Data Solutions, Analytics | Data Platform | Datacenter Management, App Modernization | Migration | Networking, Analytics | AI + Machine Learning | Data Platform, App Modernization | Datacenter Management | Security, Datacenter Management | Networking | Security. This article introduces the different options and requirements for publishing consulting service offers to the Microsoft commercial marketplace. Search Marketplace. The commercial marketplace supports five types of consulting service: Your service should have a fixed and predetermined duration of up to 10 weeks. SAS and Microsoft Azure make it easy to run your data, analytics and AI workloads in the cloud. Articulate the learning goals or other deliverables of your workshop. Azure Marketplace. For some primary products, you must have a Gold or Silver Microsoft competency in your solution area. The financial services industry is changing rapidly as digital transformation enables new possibilities and changes such as, the way we access our banks, engage with insurance companies, and interact with capital market firms. The name must include the duration and service type of the offer to maximize search engine optimization (SEO). Consulting Services The FBI reported that by late 2019, tens of thousands of businesses have been the victims of Business Email Compromise. The primary product you select in Partner Center determines whether your offer will be published to Microsoft AppSource or Azure Marketplace. If you use a transparent background, make sure that the logo and text aren't white, black, or blue. You’re responsible for fulfilling the service, billing, invoicing, and collecting from the customer. certification policies for consulting services, Customer leads from your commercial marketplace offer, HTML tags supported in the commercial marketplace offer descriptions, Create a consulting service offer in the commercial marketplace, Getting Started with Azure IoT in Manufacturing. SAIC Archives | Azure Government Join the meetup: Achieving speed to capability in government – Dec. 2, 2020 Karina Homme November 23, 2020 Nov 23, 2020 11/23/20 When writing the description, follow these criteria, according to your service type: Here are some tips for writing your description: You can use HTML tags to format your description. ... I’m interested in an Azure Marketplace Proof of Concept. Rely on proactive advisory services and a managed customer experience tailored to your unique IT environment—while helping to protect the privacy and security of your data. Azure Marketplace not support publish Azure Kubern... by MingWei on ‎07-14-2019 06:32 PM Latest post 3 weeks ago by Manesh 6 Replies 807 Views The commercial marketplace supports different kinds of CRM systems, along with the option to use an Azure table or configure an HTTPS endpoint using Power Automate. With the availability of virtual machine images for SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) and SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) in Azure Marketplace, you can now more easily migrate your AS and RS BI solutions from on-premises to Azure! ... Azure based Smart Building Solution. Here are some examples: Search results summary: Describe the purpose or goal of your offer in 200 characters or less. Describe what engineering changes, technical artifacts, or other artifacts a customer can expect as outcomes of the engagement. Make sure the image isn’t blurry or stretched. With a consulting service, customers can assess, evaluate, and deploy solutions that further their business goals. This information isn’t shown to customers but may be provided to Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) partners. Name: This name will appear as the title of your offer listing in the commercial marketplace. Consider including your top SEO keywords. Search Marketplace. Consider including a value proposition, key benefits, intended user base, and any category or industry associations. Azure Marketplace is for solutions that are built on or built for Azure and intended for IT professionals and developers. The primary product you select in Partner Center determines whether your offer will be published to Microsoft AppSource or Azure Marketplace. Apps Consulting Services. We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. Solution Areas. While Microsoft hosts the listing in the commercial marketplace, you manage all interactions with customers. We are Microsoft iPaas Cloud Partners for Azure & BizTalk Consulting Services. Sell Blog. ... Or purchase Elasticsearch Service through the AWS Marketplace, Google Cloud Marketplace, or Microsoft Azure Marketplace to consolidate your cloud bill and leverage your existing cloud spending commitments. The following items are required unless otherwise noted. Read this article to prepare your offer for publishing with Partner Center. Create a new consulting service offer. Keep in mind, it is rare for a single partner to provide all of Get Started. Project acceleration packages. Consulting services help to connect customers with services to support and extend their use of Azure, Dynamics 365, or Power Suite services. FortiGate NGFW improves on the Azure firewall with complete data, application and network security The name may be trademarked. Search. Supporting documents: upload at least one and up to three customer-facing PDF documents that provide information about your offer. Azure Marketplace. Search Marketplace. You can optionally replace the small logo with a different image later. With combined technology and a shared roadmap, SAS and Microsoft are partnering to further shape the future of AI and analytics in the cloud. It can't contain emojis (unless they're the trademark and copyright symbols) and must be limited to 50 characters. These customer details, along with the offer name, ID, and online store where they found your offer, will be sent to the CRM system that you've configured. Apps. You might already be moving your entire SQL data estate to the cloud. You can choose to opt into Microsoft-supported marketing and sales channels. Azure managed services opportunities MSPs can perform many functions for their customers in the cloud. Remember that the first few sentences might be displayed in search results.